VinoMagic® Hawk

Bring your wine to life with the VinoMagic  Hawk Wine Aerator

The VinoMagic Hawk Wine Aerator

Simply insert the VinoMagic Hawk aerator into the neck of your opened wine bottle and start pouring wine immediately - there is no need to wait for the wine to breathe.

You will not believe what a difference the VinoMagic Hawk will make to your wine.

Pouring wine through the VinoMagic Hawk opens up the bouquet of the wine, giving it a rich, smooth flavour that previously could only be enjoyed when wine has been correctly decanted for several hours.

Each VinoMagic Hawk aerator is supplied in an attractive presentation box.

The patented design aerates wine as you pour, mixing wine and air, oxygenating the wine, releasing its full bouquet.

The VinoMagic Hawk aerator is available for order through this website.

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VinoMagic® Hawk

Bring your wine to life with the VinoMagic Hawk Wine Aerator.

What people are saying about the VinoMagic Hawk:

 Excellent purchase
We bought 4 of these wine aerators as Xmas gifts for people who seem to have everything! They arrived very promptly. We already had one and were very impressed with it, it really does make a difference to red wine. It does away with the hours of 'breathing' that some reds require. Very pleased with it, and so is my brother-in-law, nephew-in-law and uncle!

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